Warranty terms


  • 20 years for closed HTW systems
  • 5 years for common HTW systems


  • 20 years for a towel rail and heating element
  • 5 years per temperature regulator

Warranty obligations do not apply in the following cases:

– if towel rail was working while passport operating parameters were exceeded;

– the product has signs of electrocorrosion;

– the product has received mechanical damage (as a result of transportation, operation, storage, etc.) after it has been sold to the consumer;

– the warranty card (passport) is missing or improperly executed;

– the product has signs of unqualified installation or repair;

– the product was not used for its intended purpose.


  • the warranty period is valid from the date of sale.
  • the warranty does not apply to gaskets and cranes of “Maevsky”.
  • warranty obligations are fulfilled if there is a technical passport certified by the organisation that sold the product with the product identification number and date of sale!

Warranty obligations are understood to mean the manufacturer’s ensuring the normal operation of the product during the warranty period.

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